AINOO-ANSAH FARMS is a proudly Ghanaian-owned enterprise nestled in Okyereko near Winneba.At Ainoo-Ansah Farms, we're passionate about bringing you top-notch, ready-to-eat meals. From tasty Waakye to flavorful Jollof Rice, spicy Shito, and authentic Fante Kenkey, we've got a range of meals that promise to make your taste buds dance.
Join us on a culinary journey into the heart of Ghanaian cuisine, where simplicity meets extraordinary flavor. Ainoo-Ansah Farms is here to make your dining experience a delightful and hassle-free affair. Come and enjoy the best of Ghanaian food with us!
Our Future Goal

To become a hub for food innovations in Ghana, serving populations and institutions everywhere


To become a hub for food innovations in Ghana and serving populations and institutions everywhere with Meals, Ready- to-Eat(MRE).


To excel in Meals-Ready to-Eat with long shelf lives, to serve institutions, Ghanaians and the African diaspora, applying state- of-the-art methods and food safety standards.


  • All round innovativeness,
  • High productivity through efficiency,
  • Compliance with highest food safety standards,
  • Concern for the welfare of our workers
  • Support to the closest community and the environment.